Col & Lyla Flett and Kel Anderson – date and event unknown

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  • I remember Kel from Jan 1978 to Jan 1984. He was a JP and lived with his wife on the corner of Nash Rd. Children were an obvious regret. She usually wore an Anderson tartan to church in winter.He was an elder in the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches. He had a formidable character and demeanour and wrote my first personal reference. He was extremely just and honourable. He reminds me of the quote by C S Lewis “The next best thing to an honourable friend is an honourable enemy”. He was a true son of the scottish enlightenment.
    He lived in a quite different world from me; so we were not friends but acquaintances. I would never have hesitated in asking him for help if I required it. I was glad to have known him.
    The photo appears to be from the late 60’s or early 70’s I guess on the occasion of awarding a clock to Col and Lyla Flett.


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