19th November 2018


The Bunyip Historical Society is excited to be launching their very first website. We invite you to browse and find out what we have to offer and what you can offer us.

We extend our thanks to the Garfield Community Shop who funded this project in its entirety. Without their hard work and dedication, our district would not have such a valuable support for local projects. We are very grateful to them and others like them that finance local endeavors such as this.

This is a website that will allow the user to submit photos, memories, articles or stories of Bunyip, Bunyip North, Tonimbuk, Iona, Vervale, Garfield and Garfield North. We encourage you to be actively involved in your community’s history by submitting items of historical interest. Remembering that

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”
David McCullough, American historian (1933- )

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